Future Trends, Brand Creation and Development, Global Distribution and Sustainability


09.10.17 Networking event with foods & drinks 

Conference schedule
09.00 – 18.00, presentations every 30 minutes
10.00 – 10.30 Coffee break
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch
15.00- 15.30 Tea & Coffee Break

10.10.17 Transfer and ticket for Bar Convent Berlin 


Global Drinks Forum 2017, Chairman

Tradewinds, Headwinds and Whirlwinds – Interesting Times Ahead for the Global Cocktail Party 

Jacob Briars, Global Advocacy Director, Bacardi

The last 20 years have been a time of unprecedented growth for the industry, with an exponential growth in bars, brands and all the associated industries that allow both to thrive. But after a generation of sustained upswing, what does the future hold? A unique combination of regulatory changes, generational shifts and general uncertainty is threatening the gatecrash the global cocktail party. Bacardi Global Advocacy Director Jacob Briars will give a brief ‘state of the industry’ with the major challenges ahead, and how we as an industry can best prepare ourselves for future growth.

The Future of Drinking

Zoe Lazarus, Global Future and Culture Planning Director, Diageo

Zoe Lazarus will identify some of the key emerging cultural and category trends set to impact how people will be consuming and purchasing alcohol/premium spirits in the future. Zoe is one of the best known, most experienced and well-regarded trend experts in the communication industry, whose work has included advising brand owners, agencies and international press on the future direction of creative and consumer culture. Join Zoe at Global Drinks Forum to hear ‘The Future of Drinking’.



Mark Meek, CEO, The IWSR 

Over the last 40 years IWSR have built up the world’s largest database on the beverage alcohol market and are the only company that allows drinks brands to understand the market, category and brand performance in 155 countries across the world using local market input. By triangulating company data and local in-market research, the IWSR produce the most trusted beverage alcohol analysis with specialist analysts travel the world, visiting 118 markets annually, in order to meet over 1,500 local professionals.




Nick Blacknell, Global Marketing Director, Havana Club 

What to do when you work with unfashionable categories? Having worked with Gin, Irish whiskey and Rum brands back in the days when they were far from cool; Nick looks at how to breathe new life into brands and categories, and what lessons large brands can learn from small brands. 




Ivan Bell and Greg Dillon, Stranger & Stranger

A look at how visual and verbal stories work together to bring your brand and proposition to life in order to make that all important first sale. “Stranger & Stranger label up about a billion units a year in one of the toughest markets around, and from the low-cost supermarket’s own label wine to the highest end premium spirits, we add value, always increase sales, and add a huge ROI onto any balance sheet.”

Better drinks when you’re not drinking

Dan Gasper, COO, Distill Ventures

Entrepreneurs are redefining drinks around the world but perhaps the most exciting space is Non- Alc. Traditionally, if someone wasn’t drinking alcohol the only options were sugar filled mocktails, mixers or another water, but this is changing dramatically. The demand for complex, more challenging options is being driven by several factors including wellness and experience economy but perhaps more so by new options, created by entrepreneurs offering exciting new Non-alc drinks. At this year’s Global Drinks Forum, Dan Gasper examines the macro trends driving this category growth, sets out to define exactly what makes a ‘non alc’ drink different from the mixers and soft drinks and talks about the sub categories that are making ‘not drinking’ an exciting options for drinkers around the world.



Iain Griffiths & Kelsey Ramage, Trash Tiki

“As the industry hops from one trend to the next, we lie smack bang in the middle of an awakening of our environmental consciousness. Though with many companies letting the marketing department run wild and “green wash” their business, it’s time the industry stands still for a minute acknowledges this movement as a chance to create better standards and practises that will last lifetimes, not just a flash in the pan moment destined to be put on the shelf along side molecular mixology, et. al.

With a globally touring platform that has eschewed typical brand involvement, Trash Tiki will talk about how bartender and brand alike can ensure that with a few simple decisions, the positive actions of our community right now will continue to be felt for decades to come”